Who We Are

  • Founded in 2016, headquartered in Tel-Aviv and Beijing, with additional teams in HK, Hangzhou, Dalian and Jinan. INNONATION is the No. 1 leading entity in China-Israel Innovation arena.

  • INNONTION’s methodology is based on 20-years of experience of INFINITY funds, being the breakthrough innovation entity in China, leading the revolution of venture capital, IP banks, and technology transfer (Over 40 IPO/M&A).

  • INNONATION methodology and powerhouses upgrade Innovation eco systems by way of leveraging our brand, network, cross border experience and products. Creating strong attractiveness for innovation companies, unicorns and local governments.

INNONATION Methodology For Cross-Border Performance







Smart Data &


JV/IP Creation Talent Training

Summits,   Content, Media



Targeting mature                   innovation companies

AI-powered data platform enables exploration, targeting, B2B online meetings

Structuring JV’s supporting operation.

360 training on cross-border methodology

High-end summits, Online roadshows, content and media power



Set of



Examine Accessibility to Resources & Funding

Determine IP & Pricing Reality in New Market

Define PR, Government, & Investor Relation Targets

Define China Value Offering

Establish Trust Structure

Appoint Focused China Leader



Pursue Partnerships & Roadshows

Partake in Media Activities & Events

Localize Decision Making


Localize key partner & Establish Role

Complete HR Management KPI

INNONATION Methodology For “China in” Operation 

Guideline for China In Success

Years of experience taught us that fostering strong government relationships, operating locally, and understanding multicultural practices and business customs are integral to cross border success.


Our Fusion methodology , developed over 20+ years of operations under the framework of Infinity and INNONATION  built on the premise that the optimal path to cross-border success is going local by tapping local talent and pursuing strategic relationships with both private and government entities.  The methodology breaks down the process of cross-border pursuits into four critical stages: Mapping, Preparation, Action, and Finalization.


When combined and pursued wisely, these four steps optimize cross-border performance for long-term sustainability.

Our Operational Pillars

Innonation's methodology is deeply engrained into the following seven operational pillars:


An ecosystem that brings together individuals from both the public and private spheres from across the professional spectrum to engage in increased cross-border activity.


The summit grants tech companies, partners and investors alike the opportunity to meet, and discuss the business potential that transcends international borders.

Smart Match

An AI-powered platform that optimizes partner matching and connects businesses with their most relevant partners.



A smart system for one-one business meeting. Integrated with Smart Match, invitation  & schedule, one click online video meeting etc. functions, enable to increase 10 ✖️ cross border meeting efficiency.


A proprietary platform that centralized all necessary resources, and 20 years of cross border experience in tech transfer, investment and business growth, both China in and China out.


Combined with executive level workshops and lectures, real cross border case study, and insightful columns, useful for any leader or organization pursuing cross-border business activities.

Media Generator

With connections to the largest media players in China, a media platform that brings together cross border culture, technology, innovations and entertainment.

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