Israeli tech companies who choose to partake in the summit will benefit from countless opportunities. The Summit is the perfect place to lay a foundation for new collaborations and partnerships with Chinese partners.
Enter the World of Chinese Investment
1,000 strategic players and investors from China will attend the Summit – all of which have a keen interest in exploring investment opportunities with innovative Israeli companies. This is a unique opportunity for Israeli tech companies to showcase their products and develop communication channels in order to further business collaborations.
Prearranged B2B Meetings
The summit will assist Israeli companies in overcoming the language and cultural barriers of working with China. Representatives on both sides of the globe will lay the groundwork for a successful event by promoting participants pre-Summit. Participating Israeli companies will have their business profiles published in China prior to the event to spark interest among investors, and will be able to secure prearranged B2B meetings with potential investors.
Gain Media Exposure
The Summit receives wide coverage by both Israeli and Chinese media outlets. As such, it is a great opportunity for attending Israeli tech companies to publically take the stage and shed light on their innovative technologies.
Pitch on Stage
A select number of attending Israeli tech companies will be given the opportunity to pitch their product on stage. The pitching slot will grant presenters with maximum exposure to the crowd of attending Chinese investors and leading industry players seeking new business opportunities.
Networking is key to professional success. A wide range of influential representatives from both Israel and China’s business ecosystem will attend the Summit, giving attendees an opportunity to secure and strengthen their strategic positioning both locally and abroad.