The China-Israel Investment Summit, now in its third edition, is the premiere event for cross-border collaboration between Israel and China. The purpose of this exclusive three-day event is twofold: On the one hand, it gives leading players from the Israeli startup scene the unique opportunity to forge relationships with Chinese investment houses, venture capital firms, and private investors seeking new opportunities. On the other hand, it gives Chinese attendees exposure to hundreds of promising Israeli startups and technology companies. The summit grants tech companies and investors alike the opportunity to meet, understand their respective needs, and discuss business potential that transcends international borders.
Attended by prominent Chinese delegates and representatives from cutting-edge Israeli companies
An open door to cross-border collaboration
Exposure to media coverage across China and Israel
Extensive list of keynote speakers, including influential government representatives
Exposure to exclusive company presentations throughout the course of the summit
Prearranged B2B meetings between Israeli companies and Chinese investors
Maintenance and growth of business relationships forged at previous summits
INNONATION is a direct facilitator of cross-border investment and collaboration between China and Israel. The initiative saw the creation of an extensive database that aggregates profiles of both Chinese investors and innovative Israeli companies into an easy-to- use online platform. The database enables Chinese investors and enterprises to freely and directly pair up with innovative companies from Israel’s startup ecosystem. Israeli startups, in turn, are given the opportunity to find new partners in Chinese counterparts seeking to invest in new opportunities. INNONATION is the go-to channel for anyone looking to strengthen China-Israel business ties, and make strides in the Asian market.
Currently, there are over 2,000 Chinese investors and enterprises and roughly 6,000 Israeli startup and tech firms in the fast-growing database.
Joining the INNONATION movement will grant you access to customized services, an exclusive connection to new partners, free entry to the China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit, priority on B2B business meetings, and more.
The Guangdong province attracts billions of dollars in foreign investments per year as a result of its strategic location on Mainland China’s southern coast, accessibility to ports, and well-developed infrastructure. The region, with a population of 250 million, has an above average growth rate compared to the rest of China, and the government has taken a keen interest in its development – investing both time and resources in order to do so. Production costs in Guangdong are relatively low compared to costs in Eastern China (making it attractive for manufacturers) and there is an increased interest amongst local companies to find partnerships and collaborations outside of China.
Zhuhai, situated in the beating heart of the Guangdong province, is a fast-growing economical force in China. Its government oers economic incentives and flexibility in order to spur foreign investment. Industrial development in the city is focused primarily on developing capabilities in the fields of electronics, computer software, biotech, and pharmacy – making it an ideal partner for any tech company specializing in one of these fields. Summit attendees will have an exciting opportunity to get a first hand glimpse into the vibrant and fast-developing business environments of Zhuhai (on a microscopic scale) and of Guangdong (on a greater scale). Attending the summit will fast track your connection to one of China’s most promising and emerging markets for doing business.
Hong Kong, with its world-class business infrastructure, is a leading city for deal making in Asia. Strategically located in the heart of the East, it serves as a gateway to Mainland China. With generous support from the government and implementation of programs that seek to attract and retain cross-border collaboration, Hong Kong is a leader in the realm of foreign investment. Due to its free market principles and high encouragement of foreign investment, Hong Kong was ranked the world’s second most connected city in the world. The flow of goods, services, finance, and data to and from Hong Kong far surpass any other in the region – making it all the more attractive for foreign firms seeking local investment.
Infinity Group is a cross-border platform and equity fund known for its strong roots in China and in Israel. Infinity has been operating in cross-border technology investments for over 20 years. During this time, it developed strong and long-lasting relationships with the leadership of the private and public sectors in Israel and has established itself as the trailblazer of cross-border private equity investments and innovation platforms. Infinity Group’s core strategy has been to share its access to Israeli technology, know-how and innovation. Using advanced business models, Infinity has been able to invest in various cross-border businesses and mobilize resources and capital.
The Huafa Group is a commercial real estate company based in Zhuhai, China. The group engages in urban operations, real estate development, finance and investment, and convention and operations activities. It often undertakes urban renewal and development projects in the city of Zhuhai and its surroundings, and is actively involved in developing cultural tourism in the region. As part of this initiative, Huafa constructs and operates parks, develops and manages conference centers, and promotes education industry projects in Zhuhai.
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), is a governmental body tasked with formulating and implementing the economic and development plans of China. The group is comprised of 26 functional departments – one of which is tasked with developing the high-tech industry, and another with facilitating trade and international cooperation. The group oversees the management of the nation from a macroeconomic perspective, and seeks to restructure China’s economic system through the implementation of new policies that maintain balance in the nation’s development.
The Economic and Trade Mission to the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau focuses on the promotion of trade, investments, and joint ventures between Israel, Hong Kong, and Macau. Through organizing and assisting in a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, delegations, and business matching events, the Economic Trade mission is committed to providing quality services that connect the business community to organizations on both ends.
The Calcalist is a leading Israeli newspaper with a large following and wide-circulation both online and in print. The publication tightens the connection between Israel and the economic environment, and is considered one of the nation’s most popular news sites, with over 740,000 unique visitors per week. Since it’s founding in 2008, the Calcalist has grown to be a dominant force in Israel’s economic playing field – and is often a supporter of national conferences and startup initiatives.
The first China-Israel Investment Summit was held in Beijing in January 2016 and was by all accounts an astounding success. It was followed by a second summit in Tel Aviv in September 2016, hosted in parallel with the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. Both conferences attracted honorable government delegates and representatives from both leading Israeli companies and Chinese investment firms.